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Taz's Gourmet Curry Club - Past Events

Curry Club Launch Night
Wednesday April 26th 

An exclusive evening for our favourite customers at The Princess of Hearts.

Welcome fizz on arrival, 3 course dinner of special dishes prepared by Taz and his team, followed by coffee and treats.  

The evening promises to be a great occasion with social, bier keller type seating and a veritable feast featuring a unique selection of Taz's best creations, including specialist, home-made Kulfi for dessert.  

If you love our food already, this is an evening not to be missed.  It is a set menu and you will receive all the dishes served at your table to try and share with your fellow diners.  All the dishes will be prepared especially for the evening, with many not normally available on our menu.

There will also be a Facebook / Twitter photo competition, with the winner receiving a free ticket for a future Curry Club event of their choice.

All for the amazing price of just £19.95.

The Launch Night Menu

Launch Night Menu

Wine Tasting / Food Pairing
Wednesday May 31st from 6.30pm. 

Another exclusive evening for our favourite customers at The Princess of Hearts.

Learn how to taste wine, how to pair wine with food and specifically for this evening, the not so easy task of how to match wine with Asian food.

 Majestic Wine, Sale's Store Manager Jack and his crew will present a general appreciation of wine tasting, wine and food pairing and then a carefully chosen selection of wines to match the special menu for the evening, offering up the cunning reasoning behind the choices.

These wines will then be available to accompany another fabulous feast (menu below) from Taz and the team, or to order directly from Majestic Wine for your future enjoyment.

You can choose to attend just the fun Wine Tasting, just the fabulous dining, or save 10% by booking both, with a limited edition Early Bird Combo Ticket.  

There are only 40 places available for this special evening, so book your tickets now - online using the button below, or if you prefer the analogue way, telephone or call in person at the restaurant

The Wine Tasting Food Menu

Tonight's Menu

Beer & Barbecue Mid-Summer
Event Details 
30th June 2017

Following on from the wonderful, sell-out Wine Tasting in May, Taz and the team present something for the beer drinkers!  

A selection of fine Indian, Bangladeshi and English beers and lagers, another of Taz's monster food banquets (with a barbecue theme, but we won't be outside getting rained on!) and a great social occasion at The Princess of Hearts.

Food service starts at promptly at 7.30pm, but you're welcome to come as early as you like to get tasting with your free beer on arrival and of course, ensure you sit in your favourite corner.  In addition to the usual draft and bottled Cobra and the supremely wonderful (but rather dangerous) King Cobra, you'll have the choice of Kingfisher, Lal Toofan, Bangla, Brewdog Punk IPA, Greene King IPA and maybe a local guest beer, yet to be arranged.  There is of course the normal bar selection of wines, spirits and soft drinks on offer too. See the Curry Club Home Page for details of all the evening's beers and of course, the full menu.

The last event sold out within a day of announcement and with only 48 places available, we don't expect this evening to be any different, so book your tickets early to avoid disappointment. 

Book online or phone/visit the restaurant to reserve your places, but delay at your peril!. Just £19.95 per person, which includes all the amazing food, a beer and great company!
If you would like to be kept informed of future Curry Club Events, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and we'll keep you in touch with all the latest info.

The Night's Beers

Kingfisher Beer
Lal Toofan Beer
Bangla Beer
Brewdog Punk IPA
Greene King IPA

The Banquet


Street Food Special
Event Details 
30th August 2017


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